Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Change to BizNet Weekly Notifications

This is EXPECTED to be a final test of the Blog Notification system for BizNet.

Required actions:

PLEASE identify the new email address/domain as "Friendly" on your spam filter.  That email address is      biznet@mackinweb.net 

Otherwise, our weekly emails will end up in your junk mail or spam folder.

Investigation, aided by a lot of LUCK revealed that the problem we were having seems to have been a change in the DMARC Policy by AOL.

while as a non-techy I'm not sure what all that means, it seems like the process for sending out the emails (ie., Feedburner.com) can no longer smoothly interface with the server that sends out the email under Joe P's name (ie., aol.com).  The fix was found to be changing the "FROM" email address to something other than aol.com and preferably to a private domain..

That's what we did. change the "FROM" address to biznet@mackinweb.net

so, we expect smooth sailing from here-on.



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