Monday, September 12, 2011

Financial Advisers for Alliance Bernstein - Seeking Grads

Financial Advisers for Alliance Bernstein. AB will hire at least 25 people between now and the end of the year. These positions are spread out around the country, however as we discussed, both Denver and Tampa have committed to hire graduates from the service academies. (Specifically West Point.)

They will guarantee new hires a minimum of 4 years at $150k plus commission. They are looking for people with sales experience in or out of the financial service's industry. 

One of the top names in private wealth management is seeking Financial Advisors to help grow their nearly $100 billion portfolio of investments in private capital for families, individuals, foundations and endowments.

The Financial Advisor is a critical position: he or she plays the central role in cultivating new clients and advising existing ones. We therefore seek intelligent, well-educated, and seasoned professionals, with a proven record of building relationships based on advice of the highest quality and deep mutual trust.

Before joining our client, most Advisors excelled at developing business, with over ten years of experience on average. While Sales is the ideal background, successful Advisors have also come from accounting, law, consulting, and commercial real estate.

To be a successful, an Advisor must:

Build deep relationships with a range of clients
Establish credibility as a source of trustworthy advice
Excel at building a business
Demonstrate excellence at client service
Develop a consultative, rather than a transaction-oriented, approach toward clients and prospects
Cultivate relationships with third party referral sources, e.g., attorneys

The role of the Advisor is to understand the needs of clients and guide them in making proper portfolio allocations. Moreover, Financial Advisors, often working in concert with clients' other professional advisors, help clients address critical planning issues, such as transferring wealth, giving to charities, and selling a business. This places Advisors at the very core of clients’ investment decision-making experience, guiding them through such issues as the trade-off between current spending and future wealth and the implications of various investment plans.

In building their business, Financial Advisors have access to extensive resources. They identify prospective clients primarily through introductions from other clients as well as accountants, attorneys and other professionals. We therefore place a premium on nurturing Advisors’ knowledge and skills throughout their careers:

-All Advisors complete an intensive training program that introduces them to the "Client approach" and provides the foundation for being an Advisor.
-Training in a broad investment- and planning-based curriculum continues over the ensuing two years. (All Advisors must pass the Series 7, 31, and 66 securities exams.)
-Throughout their careers, Advisors partner with our investment and planning professionals to bring our best thinking to clients’ specific circumstances.
  -Advisors report to Managing Directors, whose role is to ensure an Advisor’s success and can guide Advisors in developing sales strategies, implementing a business plan, cultivating sales and servicing skills, and capitalizing on meetings with clients, professionals, and prospects.

-Each Advisor is supported by a group of highly qualified Private Client Associates who become an extension of the Advisor in handling a significant proportion of routine client inquiries and other logistical matters.
-Our Financial Advisors do not function in the traditional role of brokers by selecting securities. Rather, investment decisions are made by our Investment Policy Groups, who have an outstanding long-term record.


John W. McClaugherty
John McClaugherty

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