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Weekly News & Agenda for Tuesday, 10/1/13


0700-0800: Open Forum. We'll do introductions as usual, but with more time available to cover topics of interest, especially any networking needs that we might be able to help you with.


10/1/13 (this week): Open Forum.
10/8/13: TBD. If you have a speaker in mind, or you'd like to lead a discussion yourself, just let me know at


Cal Addison (USMA '93) writes as follows:

I work with a company called The Sterling Group and we are an executive recruiting firm. We are conducting a search for a Field Sales Engineer for a company in Evergreen. The owner of the business loves the former officer background.
Field Sales Engineer, Report directly to the president. Responsibilities include account / territory management, lead generation and follow-up, partner (channel) interfacing and training. Engineering degree and/or background required (Electrical / Mechanical preferred).

The owner values our experience as former Military Officers. The compensation is competitive.

If you are interested please email me your resume and let me know when you are available to talk.

Cal Addison


Dale Bodman (USMA '77) writes as follows.  His resume is also pasted in, below.  Please contact Dale directly if you can offer advice, assistance, a referral, or know of an opening or other opportunity that might fit.

I am looking for a management position for a company that can utilize my experience in environmental, engineering, construction or design. I also have many years of operational experience for engineering firms.

Dale Bodman, PE
4525 Fairway Lane § Broomfield, Colorado
Cell: (760) 845-4657 §


Engineering Vice President
Executive Management |Change Management | Operations Management
Utilize an equal blend of vision, strategy and execution to address environmental challenges  


Engineering Director / Vice President with success in public and private sector environmental engineering, engineering design and services, remediation, construction design and project management. Decisive business growth strategist and adaptable leader with superior integrity who shifts direction quickly to address changes in project and priorities. Gifted communicator who excels under pressure in fluid, multicultural environments and builds trust through sincere engagement and exemplary leadership, earning a well-regarded reputation.


Radioactive Waste Engineering | Property Remediation | Investigations
Construction Management |Turn-Around Operations | Change Management | Engineering Design
Organizational Development | Environmental Engineering | Remedial Engineering | Strategy Development


® Directed engineering team in the $100M engineering, construction and certification of low-level radioactive waste facility– the first facility licensed in 30 years.


® Directed engineering team in an $11M remediation project leading development, plan set design, construction contracting, job site inspection and quality control– completed $100,000 under budget.


® Directed operational budgets of $12M - 120 staff engineering offices. Successfully managed business development, client management, strategic planning and profit/loss– increased gross revenues 15%.


“Dale has a can-do attitude and leadership style that makes people want to give 110%.  

He has always been one of those ‘go-to guys’ in the organization who can take on the tough issues and

 effortlessly move them across the goal line.”  ~ Senior Project Manager at Alton Geoscience


Professional Experience


emb / Boulder, Colorado                                                                                                                          January 2012 - Present

Principal of a consulting company providing environmental, engineering, design and construction services to the energy and oil and gas industry. 



Waste Control Specialists / Valhi, Dallas, Texas                                                                                  February 2011 - October 2012


Directed the engineering, construction and certification of a low-level radioactive waste facility totaling $100M, the first such facility licensed in 30 years. Hired and developed a corporate engineering department to support all engineering functions and procedures for nuclear quality level one work.


§ Accountable for design, maintenance, engineering and construction of facilities, major capital projects and work of engineering subcontractors at the facility. 



Cameron-Cole, LLC, Boulder, Colorado                                                                                               August 2006 - September 2010


For a national engineering and environmental firm, directed and lead a team of engineers in the development, design and construction of environmental engineering projects– property remediation, air quality engineering services and construction management.  Directed company engineering plan set designs, construction permitting process, contractor bid packages, engineering project cost estimation, construction contracting, job site inspection and quality control. 


Dale Bodman                                                                                           Page 2



§ Acquired and managed an $11M two-year remediation project, the largest remediation project for the company.

§ Prepared business plans and led operation and marketing efforts to launch new remedial engineering technology.

§ Saved the client $100,000 through strategic management of a major remediation construction project contract.



EEI, Carlsbad, California                                                                                                                                        August 2005 - July 2006


Managed an office of engineers and geologists performing environmental remediation and geotechnical engineering services throughout the Western U.S. Conducted marketing of services to public agencies, including Orange County Transportation Authority. Supported design and calculations for earth structures and environmental cleanup systems, provided project and program management, and managed company financials. 



U.S. Laboratories / Bureau Veritas, San Diego, California                                                                             June 2003 - June 2005


Operational Leader for three offices performing remediation, geotechnical, special inspection, and environmental and material testing engineering services. Accountable for a combined operating budget of $12M and 120 staff including profit and loss, business development, client management and implementation of company business and strategic plans. 


§ Increased gross revenue 15% with a 13% profit margin by expanding regional base to three operational offices and winning long-term construction services contracts and large casino project material testing and inspection services.

§ Obtained needed certification to expand the business in California and implemented operational management controls for projects and financial tracking.



Professional Service Industries, Inc., San Diego, California                                                                              May 2000 - May 2003     

Tendered management and leadership control of $3.5M operating budget with responsibility for P&L for the region and technical counsel for business development and high-profile environmental projects.  For the national engineering company was operational manager of two offices providing engineering / environmental service to the building industry. 


§ Recruited to turn-around poorly performing operations and implement a long-term marketing plan to support the business and strategic plan for the region. Implemented a shared client database to increase cross sale of services.



Leighton and Associates, Inc., Irvine, California                                                                                          February 1995 - May 2000


Controlled $10M operating budget and 110 engineer, geologist and scientist staff.  Provided engineering, environmental remediation and geotechnical services to municipalities and the residential land development industry as operations manager for the company’s largest regional office.  Tended regional operations, strategic business plans, development and growth and long-term vision.  Served on Board of Directors to promote the board and investor relations.


§ Increased gross revenues 12% with a profit margin of 21% while leading change management and organizational development to reorganize major company offices. 

§ Re-engineered the organization corresponding to the corporate vision to offer services to a broader client range and to implement quality control measures that reduced legal claims on land development projects.


Early Career Experience

Alton Geoscience , Vice President of Engineering and Remediation, Irvine, California  

Mobil Oil Corporation, Project Engineer and Design in Environmental and Construction, Los Angeles, California 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Captain, Construction and Facilities Design, North Carolina and Hawaii


Education | Licenses | Certifications

Master of Science (M.S.) - Engineering, California Polytechnic University, Pomona, California,  

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Applied Science and Engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York


Professional Engineer: Virginia (Registered P.E. #013330); California (Registered Civil #C043241); Washington (Registered Civil #232-01); Colorado and Texas (Registered Civil); Registered Environmental Assessor I/II (#00131/#20193); California General Contractor License-A (Hazardous Materials); Engineer in Training (EIT):


Dale Bodman                                                                                           Page 3



Pennsylvania; Advanced Trainings: OSHA Hazardous Materials Health and Safety Training (40 hours); Annual HAZWOPR Refresher (8 hours); Radiation Officer Qualified


Have a great week.

Joe Paniccia (USMA '84)

Service Academy BizNet of Denver meets weekly on Tuesdays at 0700, in the Marriott Hotel at the Denver Tech Center. From I-25, exit Belleview east, then turn north onto Syracuse Street. The Marriott lots are paid parking (approx $2-4), however you can park for FREE across the street at Garcia's Restaurant (we have their permission). Look for us in the seating area inside the Marriott's coffee shop. RSVP is not required. Dress is casual. Attendance is open to graduates of the federal service academies (USAFA, USCGA, USMA, USMMA, USNA). Our schedule, roster and other information are posted at

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Veterans Passport to Hope Update


Veterans Passport To Hope Supporting Our Heroes 2nd Annual Gala – October 10th, 2013

Denver, CO, Monday, September 23, 2013Navigating veteran resources and the complexities of the Veterans Affairs system, which is in the midst of an overwhelming backlog, can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  However, it isn’t just the veterans themselves who struggle with this burden.  Families, friends, spouses, and significant others are also affected.   A prime example of this is Becky Hinkhouse, who knows the effects of war, back on the home front, better than most. 

On October 9, 2005, her soon to be husband and 12 others traveling in a small convoy were hit on the right side with an improvised explosive device. Her fiancĂ©’s vehicle was in the middle. The explosion killed the Marine sitting next to him, and 4 other soldiers were injured.  U.S. Marine L Cpl. Kade Hinkhouse sustained the worst of the injuries including a traumatic brain injury, shrapnel in his shoulder, an open leg wound, and two collapsed lungs. He and the other four injured Marines were taken to the Baghdad hospital, where the medical staff stabilized Kade and amputated his right leg at the knee.

Mrs. Hinkhouse, the 2013 Gala’s keynote speaker, brings to light the effects felt by those in and around our wounded veteran’s lives.  From dealing with paperwork filing and scheduling appointments, to maintaining their home while not being able to visit  Kade as he began his recovery in medical facilities, Becky is truly an ambassador when it comes to offering a glimpse of what it is like to endure through a wounded warrior’s battle from a spouse’s perspective.

Veterans Passport To Hope believes that it is the responsibility of all Americans to participate in assisting the men and women who have returned home from multiple war zones over the past twelve years and are doing more than their part.  The Veterans Passport To Hope Annual Gala, presented by Fred and Jana Bartlit and sponsored by the Anschutz Foundation, raises awareness about the issues veterans and their families face as well as supports local central Colorado charities that embody the mission of serving our veteran community.  The local benefactors of the 2013 Supporting Our Heroes Gala are Project Sanctuary, The Home Front Cares, and Vail Veterans Program.

"I believe that we have a three to five year window to help our young veterans.  In order to ensure successful transition and healthy lives, it will take more than the V.A.  It is going to take entire communities throughout the United States, coming together, creating resources, volunteering, and placing veterans as well as their families’ needs as a priority.”, said Shane Schmutz, Executive Director Veterans Passport To Hope.

This is a difficult time for our central Colorado veteran community.  Together we can make a difference by ensuring our veterans community not only has every opportunity (which they have earned through years of service to their country) afforded to them, but also has access to the necessary resources to continue their mission towards a successful transition to civilian life.  Help do your part and attend the 2013 Supporting Our Heroes Gala at Wings Over The Rockies on October 10, 2013.

About Veterans Passport To Hope, The 2013 Supporting Our Heroes Gala, and The Colorado Resource Portal For Veterans
Founded in 2011, Veterans Passport To Hope’s mission consists of three main focus areas:  Awareness, Fund-Raising, and Cooperation.
AWARENESS:  VP2H’s Primary mission is to raise awareness within the Colorado area about the issues Veterans face:  Multiple tours in combat zones, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), high unemployment rate, high homelessness rate, high divorce rate, and a record high suicide rate.  As the military mission winds down in Iraq and Afghanistan and veterans reintegrate themselves into civilian society, we believe that this awareness will foster an understanding of their efforts and compassion for their struggle.

FUND-RAISING:  VP2H’s secondary mission is to raise money for Veteran friendly non-profits. Through due diligence and research, we organize fund raising events, which support local, Veteran friendly non-profits. We only support high quality charities that maximize their accountability to veteran’s causes and are transparent in their fund raising and giving practices.

COOPERATION:  VP2H’s tertiary mission is to act as a rallying point for other Veteran friendly non-profits. Our goal is to organize and conduct meetings with the leadership teams of these groups within the Colorado area with the goal of finding ways for us to work together more efficiently. We believe that by working together and by sharing ideas, we can reduce competition between non-profit groups and more efficiently and more effectively help Veterans.
The Executive Director of VP2H, Shane Schmutz, is available for interviews about the mission of Veterans Passport To Hope, the 2013 Supporting Our Heroes Gala, and The Colorado Resource Portal For Veterans.
Contact: Jay Lobins, Public Relations/Media Liaison

Veterans Passport To Hope (VP2H)
4949 South Syracuse Street
Suite 340

Contact: Shane Schmutz , Executive Director
(303) 549-9691