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Two Biznet Items For Your Consideration

Here are 2 items to take a look at please...

-- Neal Williams (USAFA '93) seeks new position. 
-- Jim Burke (USMA '73) has openings at SAP.

See below for details on both of those items:


Biznet member Neal Williams (USAFA '93) writes as follows: 

Recently my company has informed me that the division in which I work is closing.  They gave us a month notice so I am trying to be active and reach out to any possible networking sources. 
Little bit about myself:

A '93 Air Force Academy graduate with an undergrad in biochemistry and an Air Force sponsored master's degree in Chemical Engineering.  Spent 8 years in the Air Force as an engineer/acquisition officer and then as a bioenvironmental engineer.  After leaving the Air Force, I have worked with a federal contractor with remediation and most recently I have been a project engineer in the design and building of water treatment plants.  I am a registered professional engineer in the State of Colorado.  Looking to find a new position in the area.
Here is Neal's resume (unformatted due to blog limitations):
15980 West 66
th Place Home (720) 898-0741
Arvada, Colorado 80007 neal.williams@yahoo.com Cell (303) 475-0691

Professional engineer with 15 years experience and an executive experienced skill set in environmental sampling, design,
and remediation; water plant design; laboratory and field chemistry; computer aided design and geographical information
systems, with strong organizational and management skills. Well-read, creative-thinking individual who brings new ideas
to any organization. Organized, hard-working, self-motivator looking to bring my dedication and excitement to fill an
engineering management role for a company aggressive in the market place.

Managed construction and design of first fluidized ion exchange pressure treatment system. Integration of this
treatment system saved client approximately $50,000. Successful design led to five new orders in the following
Researched, piloted, designed, and constructed first fluidized ion exchange nitrate removal system. This system
currently solves a small community’s water needs by removing nitrate and saving $10,000 a year in waste
Developed engineering plans for a time critical soil removal action including chemical sampling and analysis of
site, remediation alternative analysis, and soil volume removal estimates. Used GIS expertise to map the entire
site and provided visual reference for government clients and field personnel. Regulatory agencies used this
project as a benchmark for all other contractors going forward.
With impending inspection, successfully managed transition of base assessments into a computer risk based aided
database that reduced surveillance time by 25% and had the surveillance schedule completed on time within 18
months thus ensuring the protection of over 2,000 base personnel. Scored perfect scores during inspection.
As a new Air Force lieutenant, developed a plan to direct and manage $1.5M in research projects which included
evaluating, grading, and recommending funding of contract proposals. Exceeded management expectations by
having contracts awarded within six months.
Orica Watercare, Watkins, Colorado December 2005 – Present
Project Engineer
December 2006-Present
Design, issue contracts, and manage construction of fluidized ion exchange water treatment systems. Define
specifications for engineering system fabricator and electrical control system subcontractors and monitor performance.
Work closely with operators, city planners, and other design engineering firms to integrate designed systems into current
plants or new plants. Oversee design and construction of water treatment systems ranging from 25 gallons per minute to 4
million gallons per day with budgets ranging from $100K – $1.5M. Manage and provide project oversight for design
engineers, field engineers, and laboratory technicians.
Researched construction firms and identified local firm to build new treatment systems. Profit margin increased
by 12% due to savings in construction and travel related costs for new systems.
Designed, built, and tested new pilot testing systems that replaced older pilot equipment and simulated new full
scale designs being developed. Saved $50,000 by upgrading older units with new technology rather than building
new systems.
Field Engineer
December 2005-December 2006
Managed and performed pilot testing on potential client’s water. Performed laboratory testing to validate technology’s
effectiveness and used these tests to establish pilot trial testing. Managed four different sized pilot units and performed
over twenty field evaluations lasting from two weeks up to six months. After field testing, provided detailed pilot test
results to support technology. Managed testing lab technician and mentored new field engineers.
Successful pilots and associated salesmanship on the site led to ten full scale systems sold.
Proven field work and quick understanding of the unique process led the way to being promoted to Project
Engineer after less than a year as a Field Engineer.
Environmental Chemical Corporation, Lakewood, Colorado July 2001 – December 2005
Project Engineer
Primary engineer on multiple projects, providing environmental solutions to site managers. Included researching, writing,
and producing Construction/Engineering Work Plans and Quality Control Plans for company’s work sites in various states
and under various federal agencies. Performed CAD and/or GIS work for site managers detailing site layouts. Instructed
and consulted with site managers to implement field monitoring programs and updated site engineering layouts due to
changing field conditions. Monitored subcontract laboratory contracts and provided data validation of chemical analysis
Provided engineering support for a contract in which the previous contractor was deficient in timely reporting.
Used my chemical, engineering, CAD, organizational, and management skills, delivered all reports within the 90
day required time period. Received compliments from both the federal and state regulatory agencies on the
timeliness and improved quality of the reports. Timely turnaround increased company’s profit on project by 5%.
United States Air Force Jun 1993 – Jul 2001
Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota
Jan 1997 – Jul 2001
Managed staff of six technicians responsible for the identification, evaluation, and control of physical, chemical, and
biological hazards. Responsible for compliance with all applicable regulations including OSHA and EPA regulations such
as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, EPCRA, and RCRA/CERCLA. Developed
environmental sampling strategies to ensure 100% compliance for drinking water, hazardous waste, and wastewater/storm
water discharge. Managed departmental budget.
20 year old sampling plan was no longer relevant and protective of community health. Spearheaded project to reevaluate
the site by incorporating on-site wells and providing a comprehensive new sampling strategy which
saved $300,000 in sampling costs and increased the overall protection of community water supply.
Laboratory Manager and Development Engineer, Edwards AFB, California
Jun 1993-Jan 1997
Coordinated and directed engineering and technical management activities for 20 engineers and scientists. Planned and
coordinated budgets for research efforts for Air Force research laboratory.

Professional Engineer, Colorado #43393
MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, GPA 3.31/4
BS, Biochemistry, United States Air Force Academy, GPA 3.15/4


Biznet member Jim Burke (USMA '73) writes as follows:

Business and Job opportunities in the SAP Ecosystem

SAP is the number one world wide application software company.     www.sap.com

We are looking for new partners, and our partners are looking for software sales, presales and delivery professionals due to high growth in sales. 

Specifically we are looking for Denver partner to sell and implement our SAP B1 ERP solution.   Here is a link with information about the product:

If  you are interested in becoming a resell partner, or these career opportunities, please reach out to biznet member Jim Burke for more information at:  Jim.Burke@SAP.com or 303-324.9809


Kindest regards,

Jim Burke
(m) 303.898.8510

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