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Weekly News & Agenda for Tuesday, 1/15/13


During our roundtable introductions, tell us what's new for you lately, especially any networking needs.  Chances are good that someone in the group can provide referrals, advice, or other assistance with your particular need.  Even if you don't have immediate needs, consider joining us on Tuesday for the long-term networking value.


Larry Aubrecht (USMA '72) will share some of his experiences while supporting the love of his life as she battled metastasized breast cancer in the brain during the final 2 ½ years of her life. No doubt some of you have encountered similar challenges and this will be more of an exchange of things to consider, including the involvement of doctors, insurance, and family.

Background information on Larry:

Growing up Larry was an easterner, born in Ohio, and living in New Jersey, Illinois and then back to New Jersey for High School. He comes from a family of seven kids who still get along together. He graduated from West Point in 1972 and survived Airborne and Ranger School. Initially he went Field Artillery before transferring to the Ordnance Corps. His 3 ½ years in Germany changed his life including meeting and marrying a schoolteacher named Gloria Lucero.

After leaving the service at the end of 1977 with 2 of their ultimately 4 kids, he started initially selling services for Control Data. In 1983 he began his career in finance at a small local municipal bond firm that ended up giving him ample opportunities to understand finance and even garnered his MBA in Finance and Accounting at Regis University in 1987. In early 2012, after 9 years, he left a partnership where he had developed the trading platform that enabled the firm to purchase over $200 million  of interest only strips off of SBA loans. If you don’t understand that, don’t worry because not many people do.

Please join us on Tuesday to hear Larry share various aspects of the journey of support with his wife, and perhaps learn some things that might help if you find yourself in a similar situation of supporting a loved one through a health crisis. 


-- 1/15/13:  Larry Aubrecht (USMA '72) - see above.
-- 1/22/13:  TBD or Open Forum.

If you'd like to invite a speaker or lead a discussion on any future Tuesday, just let me know at


As recently mentioned, Biznet member Rich Adams (USMA '67) has a new book out -- Eben Kruge: How "A Christmas Carol" Came to be Written.  Rich will be back in town for a short visit this week and plans to join us at Biznet on Tuesday (15th).  He will have copies of his book available, so if you've been planning to buy one, here's your chance to get one in person. 

Rich is also aurthor of "The Parting - A Story of West Point on the Eve of the Civil War." 


Have a great week.  

Joe Paniccia (USMA '84)

Service Academy BizNet of Denver meets weekly on Tuesdays at 0700, in the Marriott Hotel at the Denver Tech Center. From I-25, exit Belleview east, then turn north onto Syracuse Street. The Marriott lots are paid parking (approx $2-4), however you can park for FREE across the street at Garcia's Restaurant (we have their permission). Look for us in the seating area inside the Marriott's coffee shop. RSVP is not required. Dress is casual. Attendance is open to graduates of the federal service academies (USAFA, USCGA, USMA, USMMA, USNA). Our schedule, roster and other information are posted on the web site at

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