Monday, December 7, 2015

Bio for our speaker this week -- Jonathan Manske


Here's more background on our speaker for tomorrow morning - Jonathan Manske.  Hope you'll join us.


Jonathan Manske, the World’s Only Cerebral Sanitation Engineer, has been studying people, potential, and performance for over 20 years. He helps people to take out their head trash. Jonathan’s passion is to help people to do better, upgrade their consciousness and beliefs about themselves, and love their lives and careers.
Nobody wants to be mediocre, under-perform, or not live up to their potential. Nobody wants to be frustrated, desperate, or fearful. But so many people are.
People want to do better, be better, perform better, and experience greater happiness and fulfillment. But instead of making progress in these areas, they seem to be stuck and even sabotaging their progress and they don’t know why. This leads to frustration, disappointment, loss of inspiration, and self-anger.
Most (if not all) of this is due to the fact that the tools and strategies that people are using in their attempt to do better are ineffective, defective, or even damaging ~ thus making it nearly impossible to do better.
Jonathan doesn’t just speak, he trains. Every presentation includes easy to use tools and strategies that actually do work to help people to do better. This is practical stuff that people can immediately put into practice and start creating the positive change they want to experience.
In addition to doing individual and group coaching, Jonathan is also the author of: The Law of Attraction Made Simple, A Great Life Does Not Happen By Accident, The Motivation Myth, and soon to be released, Quit Trying To Carve The Turkey With A Butter Knife.


Joe Paniccia (USMA '84)
Service Academy BizNet of Denver meets weekly on Tuesdays at 0700, in the Marriott Hotel at the Denver Tech Center. From I-25, exit Belleview east, then turn north onto Syracuse Street. The Marriott lots are paid parking (approx $2-4), however you can park for FREE across the street at Garcia's Restaurant (we have their permission). Look for us in the seating area inside the Marriott's coffee shop. RSVP is not required. Dress is casual. Attendance is open to graduates of the federal service academies (USAFA, USCGA, USMA, USMMA, USNA). There are no dues or fees. Our schedule, roster and other information are posted at

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