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Weekly News & Agenda for Tuesday, 19 July 2016


0700-0800:  Introductions, Assistance, and Networking

It's an open forum this week.  We'll do introductions and discuss topics of interest, with special emphasis on any of your networking needs.


19 July (this week):  Open Forum.

26 July:  TBD - this date is available for a speaker.

2 August:  Dave Wheeler (USNA '88) on the history of nuclear operations, security, and policy.

If there's a speaker you'd like to invite for 26 July or any future Tuesday, just let me know at

Remember -- you could be the speaker yourself.   If you have an interesting topic or a problem you'd like to put to the group, or maybe have gained new insight from a business book or a conference, we'd love to hear about it.


Dave Wheeler (USNA '88) recently moved to the Denver/Colorado Springs area and is looking for a new position.  His professional and personal interests are below, as is his resume.  If you can offer Dave any assistance, referrals, or advice, please contact him directly, at

Professional Goals:

Strategic type of position with operational oversight/ leadership; would consider more tactical project leadership roles in the short term including consulting roles

Would like to mentor more junior staff and managers and have some role in recruiting (but not formal HR position)

Would like time to teach a course at local university or partner with academic programs to assist in courses related to national security, nuclear technology evolution, energy systems, sustainable infrastructure systems.

I enjoy variety.

Do not want government position or positions in national defense work - done it.

Personal Goals:

Position based in Colorado Springs/ Denver region- willing to travel moderately
Reside near biking/ hiking trails
I play saxophone as hobbyist musician so will be looking to join small bands/ jazz groups once settled.


David M. Wheeler
7601­49 Woods Lane, Cornelius, NC  28031 (temporary)
505­917­4539, ​ 


Seeking senior level leadership and/or professional development opportunities applying systems  level thinking to enhance individual, organizational, and applied business process performance. 


Executive MBA, University of New Mexico, 2003  Bachelor of Science, Oceanography, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, 1988  Exchange Student to US Military Academy at West Point, 1986

Non­Degreed Education

US Navy Nuclear Officer Qualification Program, Navy Nuclear Power School  Certifications in Plant Engineering (CPE) and Plant Maintenance Management (CPMM)  Various technical, management and leadership development courses throughout career

Professional Background

Leadership professional with over 25 years of progressive managerial experience in leading staff  in nuclear operations, capital project investment, maintenance, quality, engineering, R&D,  safety, communications, information technology, and organizational culture.  

Working within the nuclear security profession has afforded opportunities to lead people from  many functional disciplines resulting in integrative, team-­based solutions in high-­risk business  environments. 

Creative innovator and problem solver in setting standards for performance excellence in work  execution, budget to work development, project coordination, workforce development, and  positive cultural changes.

Demonstrated a wide variety of communication methods at all levels in an organization and with  external stakeholders on a national level.

Leadership and Management Competencies 

Systems level thinker for major organizational improvements; adept at challenging underlying  organizational assumptions to formulate new questions for advancing creative solutions.

Excellent analytical capabilities in matching business accounting and performance measurement  information to human performance and organizational constraints. 

Innovator in the professional recruitment, training and  development of engineering and  administrative professional staff.

Engineering and Technical Competencies 

Significant experience in leading teams in the operation and maintenance of highly technical  equipment systems including nuclear reactors, steam systems, lasers, special nuclear material  packaging systems, specialized HVAC, and associated instrumentation and control systems.

Demonstrated history of resolving numerous equipment and system problems through systematic  troubleshooting and analysis and human performance evaluations.  

Positions Held 

July 2008­ September 2015: Nuclear Quality and Requirements Manager, Nuclear Facility  Operations,Sandia National Laboratories 

For ~100 person business unit, developed and managed nuclear quality, training, and support  functions including the nuclear operator training program, configuration management program,  ESH, and performance assurance, based upon a management model of continuous improvement  and embedded quality integration.

Based upon DOE external stakeholder compliance concerns, assumed a new organizational role  and led an organizational transformation project for development of improved internal processes,  roles and responsibilities, accountabilities and improved work control practices for the Sandia  Labs Nuclear Operations and Nuclear Technologies group. Implementation team received  DOE/NNSA Award of Excellence.

Project included complete review of all functions and processes associated with the management  and mission execution for the nuclear facility complex and support staff. See SANDIA REPORT  2020­4717 : ​​ . Received Sandia Individual  Leadership Award 2009­-2010.

Formally engaged in the international nuclear community for benchmarking operations relative  to other research based nuclear enterprises.

Jan 2006­ June 2008 Facility Operations Manager: Gamma Irradiation and Hot Cell Nuclear  facilities 

Managed the operational envelope for DOE Hazard Category 3 nuclear facilities to support  mission requirements, safety basis enforcement, business operations, work control, and  maintenance.

Improved operational performance through the utilization of performance based monthly  assessments to measure operational throughput, maintenance and safety performance, and  resolution of facility issues.

Led a unique, US Presidential directive-­based project to reduce Special Nuclear Material (SNM)  inventories located at the Sandia National Laboratory site (8000 total employees); required  extensive interface across the entire DOE facility complex to ensure the safe and secure  disposition of nuclear materials in order to meet executive leadership expectations. 

Sandia National Laboratories was the first entity in the DOE facility complex to reach the SNM  (Cat 1 and 2) reduction goals.  Given the high profile nature of the project, there was a steep  professional learning curve regarding communication across a complex organization, reporting  to external stakeholders, developing clear and concise project management updates, and assuring  appropriate safe operations for all the activities, most of which were one­-of-­a-­kind nuclear  material handling operations. Received DOE/NNSA Award of Excellence. 

Mar 2003­ Jan 2006 Work Management Program Manager, Facility Manager, Facilities  Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Progressive responsibility for managing facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Developed project scheduling approach to improve work management practices for Los Alamos   National Laboratory facilities. Responsible to division leader for implementation of improved  maintenance program and interfaces with site support subcontracting agencies. Mentored Los  Alamos Laboratory Work Management team leaders in the development of improved processes  to improve accountability and work performance. 

Facility Manager for 1 million square feet of facilities, with annual operating, maintenance and  re­ capitalization budget of $18 Million. Accountable for compliance, safety, and technical  standards management for real property infrastructure and systems.

Developed strategic and tactical plan to improve group performance and continue record as  leading organization within similar functional management units. Emphasis on customer  satisfaction, professional employee development, and quality based process improvement.

Strong emphasis on operational performance of organization; responsible for developing zero­  based budget for all aspects of operations and maintenance to benchmark efforts for systematic  improvements; group absorbed an effective 25% budget reduction in FY05 funding through  improved work efficiencies, schedule optimization, contract outsourcing, and deferred  maintenance management while ensuring that safety and security aspects of the facilities were  not compromised.

Developed specifications and implemented web-­based work request system within the Facility  Management Unit for all facility occupants, dramatically improving customer communications  and work management accountability. 

1998–Mar 2003 Reliability Manager­ Johnson Controls, Work Management Team Leader, Los  Alamos Labs 

Directly supported science and research groups to develop scope and system requirements to  effectively upgrade facility infrastructure in support of mission requirements and deliverables. 

Implemented team concept and professional development for work planning, contractor  procurement, technical training and skill development to support project and work management.

Supported the development of an operator based system maintenance program to improve  equipment reliability while reducing labor and material costs by 35%. Led engineers and  predictive technology analyst providing operations and maintenance based engineering services  for configuration management, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), and related  infrastructure support services. 

Performed RCM based analysis of LANL site HV electrical transmission and MV electrical  distribution system for improvements to system maintenance program and configuration  management documentation.

Conducted operations and engineering analysis for 20MW steam co­generation plant, resulting in  40% reduction in annual maintenance costs. Optimized maintenance program for software  program implementation. 

Early Career Positions

1996-­1998  Nuclear Operations Supervisor/ Project Manager PSE&G, Salem, NJ
1993-­1996  District Representative Nalco, Florence, SC
1988­-1993  Submarine Officer 0­3 (USS John C Calhoun, SSBN 630) US Navy, Charleston, SC

Developed technical competencies and basic supervisory and communication skills in leading  and working with engineered systems involving power transmission, electrical distribution, heat  exchangers, I&C, digital systems, water chemistry, operations, maintenance, regulatory  licensing, troubleshooting, technology modifications, emergency response, and technical  procedure utilization. Transitioned from the military sector to the civilian workforce, learning to  understand the business environment and leading and accounting of business resources

4.  THE MARRIOTT'S COFFEE SHOP HAS MOVED...and the hotel entrance has moved as well:

Due to construction, the entrance for the Marriott-DTC (our weekly meeting location) is now at the far north end of the hotel. 

Suggested parking is now also at the far north end of the hotel, instead of at Garcia's.  For some time now, the Marriott lots have not been charging a parking fee, and it appears that will continue to be the case for at least the near future.

To find the new coffee shop, enter the Marriott at the far north end of the hotel.  Proceed straight ahead along the main concourse of the hotel, beyond the new front desk.  The coffee shop itself will be on your right, and its seating area (where we meet) is directly across the concourse.  The seating area is more spacious than the old coffee shop, yet still provides a relatively quiet setting for our meetings.


Have a great week.

Joe Paniccia (USMA '84)
Service Academy BizNet of Denver meets weekly on Tuesdays at 0700, in the Marriott Hotel at the Denver Tech Center. From I-25, exit Belleview east, then turn north onto Syracuse Street. The hotel will be on your left. Look for us in the seating area inside the Marriott's coffee shop. RSVP is not required. Dress is casual. Attendance is open to graduates of the federal service academies (USAFA, USCGA, USMA, USMMA, USNA). There are no dues or fees. Our schedule, roster and other information are posted at

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