Friday, September 9, 2016

BizNet speaker follow-up: Sales Coaching Class - recommended for everyone

Joe Gregory’s Sales Coaching Class:

Everyone should try this.

I’ve taken Joe’s 12-week one-hour-per-week-by-phone conference call class and it’s excellent and interactive.  Plus, it’s really low cost for all the non-traditional sales expertise he offers.  You can take it over and over at no additional cost and he records every call and sends them to you.  That way you can listen as many times as you want.   He has a wealth of innovative ideas for any ex-military who don’t actually think they’d like sales or are looking for careers in sales or as entrepreneurs in any type business.

Below is a short interview done recently by a blogger to give you just a quick 14 minute sampling of some of the insights he’ll impart during the calls:

Also below is a flyer with contact info for Joe.

Call or Email Joe for more info.  His next class starts next Wednesday (9/14/16) – 4-5pm Mountain Time – and you can even take his class from outside Colorado.


Kurt Schlaefer (Academy Biznet)


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