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Weekly News & Agenda for Tuesday, 16 January 2018


0700-0800:  Introductions, Networking Assistance, General Discussion

This week we'll have open forum discussion and networking.  We can help with referrals, advice, job search assistance, and other networking needs.  You're also welcome to bring up any topics of general interest.


16 Jan (this week):  Open Forum Discussion & Networking

23 Jan:  TBD/Open Forum Networking.

If you have a speaker in mind for any upcoming Tuesday, or would like to lead a discussion yourself, just let me know, at


Colin Raunig (USNA '07) is looking for a position in the Washington, DC area related to communications, research, and writing.  Please see his resume below (Note: Any formatting issues are due to the limitations of our BizNet blog). 

If you know of any such openings in the DC area, or can offer Colin any related advice or referrals, please contact directly.

Colin Raunig   (970) 999 -2583


Freelance Writer 2007 – Present
      • Published articles in The Atlantic, The Hill, United States Naval Institute, Boulder Daily Camera, Rocky Mountain Collegian,
Running Times, The Day newspaper, Shipmate Magazine and on the Veterans for American Ideals website.

Speechwriter Democratic Congressional Candidate Jason Crow, Aurora, Colorado Summer 2017-Present
      • Wrote one stump speech for congressional candidate Jason Crow in his campaign to represent Colorado’s 6th
congressional district.
      • Wrote two op-eds, one of which was published in The Aurora Sentinel, on the proposed Republican tax bill.

Advocate and Writer Veterans for American Ideals, Washington D.C. Winter 2016 – Present
      • Wrote and published one op-ed in The Hill, one op-ed in the Boulder Daily Camera and six op-eds on VFAI website
advocating for VFAI mission. The Hill piece led Senator Cory Gardner to co-sponsor the Protect Our Afghan Allies Act.
      • Lobbied Representative Jared Polis (D-CO), and staff of Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO), Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Ted
Cruz (R-TX) for the Special Immigrant Visa program. 2,500 new Afghan SIVs were included in the latest defense spending
      • Collaborated with VFAI leaders resulting in new ideas developed for future VFAI goals.

Communications/Outreach Intern Aplastic Anemia & MDS Int’l Foundation, Bethesda, MD Summer 2016
      • Served as community outreach liaison and spokesperson for the general public. Answered 50 inquiries in 2 months.
      • Updated information for social media on the organizational website.
      • Wrote 20 profiles of survivors published and featured on foundation website.
      • Edited 12 videos that were published on the AAMDS YouTube Channel.

Japanese Naval Liaison Officer United States Navy, Washington DC/Eta Jima Japan `2012-2015
      • Wrote 30 messages of correspondence between United State and Japanese Navies, resulting in clear communication and
improved relationship.
      • Collaborated with Japanese Naval and civilian personnel serving as liaison and role model.
      • Created a syllabus for English as a Second Language (ESL) and an Introduction to US Navy courses as the sole
American officer.
      • Implemented new techniques and textbooks into the classroom for over 300 Japanese Naval Academy students.

Communications Officer, E-6b Mercury United States Navy, Oklahoma City, OK 2008-2012
      • Led up to 15 team members in support of organizations airborne and communications operations.
      • Organized Naval Flight Officer (NFO) training programs including completion of personnel and career development.
      • Edited and transmitted clear concise information needed for 300 Emergency Action Messages in support of special
operations as NFO.
      • Wrote, directed and edited four 10-minute videos, using humor constructively as the junior officer in charge of organization’s

Colorado State University Master of Fine Arts: English May 2018
      • Multiple publications with national outlets.
      • Graduate Research Assistant Spring 2018
United States Naval Academy Bachelor of Science: Ocean Engineering, May 2007
      • Varsity track and cross country.

Professional Training and Certificates

Lieutenant Commander Office of Naval Intelligence, United States Navy Reserves 2015-Present
Japanese Language Training Defense Language Institute, United States Navy 2013
Naval Flight Officer Training, VT-4 United States Navy 2008

Have a great week.

Joe Paniccia (USMA '84)
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