Saturday, August 11, 2018

Review of Interview

Every single time I interview a candidate for a position at work, I always start out by saying, “Tell me about yourself.”Most Job Candidates Fail My Simple Interview Test Right Away. Here's How.

A good refresher for most:  From Entrepreneur

Of course, I start with a little small talk here and there, but I always ask people to tell me about themselves early. As simple as it may seem, their response determines the course for the rest of my interview -- including how long I’ll spend with them. If a first impression creates a lasting impression, then the way they respond is the epitome of a first impression.
Most people fail right away because they give me a long list of their career moments in chronological order, often starting with their first position out of college right up to their current role. They drone on and on about what they did, when they did it and what they did next.
The truth is that I already know their chronological history. I have their resume right in front of me. I’ve already looked at their LinkedIn profile, and in some cases have already checked out their social media presence. I might even know what they had for dinner last night if they’re a foodie. I don’t need a chronological rehash of their sequential jobs through the years.
I want to know about who they are. 
Tell me what you are going to do for my organization. Tell me why I should hire you. Get me excited me about you, as a person.
Here are five ways you can do that and make a great first impression in your next interview.

1. Sum it up.

Take all of your history and all of your experiences, then tie it together into a cohesive statement of what you do. For example

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