Friday, January 7, 2011

Sonya Carter is looking for USAFA ALO contact info for her son (USAFA '05)

Jim- not sure how to post to the new blog... headed out of the country tomorrow, but am looking for some contacts/leads from the group on behalf of my son, USAFA 05 bio below who is coming back to Den end of April off of deployment to do "hometown recruiting" high schools, scouts, community orgs, etc.

If anyone has the contact info for the local USAFA ALO, that too would be a good lead.


You may send contact information to me at: and I will send to Sonya.

Kyle Martin, Capt USAF

Age: 27

Fighter Pilot: F-16CM block 50: Wild Weasel

By April: 750hours F-16, 1000hours total, 250hours combat, 75 combat
sorties: Iraq

Mountaineer: USAF 7 Summits teams. (Last Climb Denali (Mt. McKinley) AK Jun

1 Air medal, expect additional 2 oak leaves by April.

National Defense and Korea Defense

Notable History:

Operation New Dawn (formerly Iraqi Freedom) Sep10-April11, Balad AB Iraq

Theater Security Package Feb 09- March 10, Suwon Contingency Operating Base:


Misawa AB, Japan: Oct 08-Nov 11

Luke AFB AZ (B-course): Dec 07- Oct 08

Sheppard AFB (UPT): March 06- Dec 07

Tyndall AFB: Aug 05-March 06

USAFA: Jun 01-Aug 05

Personal Hobbies/ Interests:

Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Extreme Skiing, Surfing, Motorcycles, and
International Travel

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