Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grad Seeking Website Designer/Developer

BizNet member Bill Sumner (USMA '78) is seeking bids on the following work. If interested, please contact Bill directly at


The Inevitable You® is currently seeking a partner for creating a website design as well as development of the site. The successful partner has proven experience in website design and development as well as the ability to share website expertise with The Inevitable You® team.

The Inevitable You® is replacing the existing website at The new website will drive several outcomes including adding value through free content, capturing leads, and being a profitable money making machine with both national and international exposure. The new website will have a high tech, new age feel while being grounded in a professional business.

The new website will be informational and explain how The Inevitable You® system works for individuals and Corporations. Entry level products such as a soft cover books and seminars will be sold through the website. An explanation of the upper end products will be provided on the website however, upper end products will be sold through backend sales offline and will not be included in the website sales.

The new website must be flexible and provide The Inevitable You® with the ability to quickly adapt to the requirements of tomorrow as they arise. We currently have all the design elements for the website such as logos, banners, etc. Additionally we have all the text to drop into the website as the site structure is built.

Please note this RFQ is built on current state thinking. The Inevitable You® is seeking a partner to provide feedback on the website design and is not solidly wedded to any sacred cows. Suggested changes or different solutions are welcome and will be considered after a time, resource and outcomes analysis.

Current Assets:

The Inevitable You® currently has accounts established with several tool providers including the following: Click Bank, AWeber, BatchBook, Elance and Easy Video Player. The website will be hosted by GoDaddy and The Inevitable You® has a GoDaddy account.

Outcomes for the website:
1. Add value through free content
2. Capture leads
3. Be a profitable, money making machine with both national and international customers

Online Sales:

When a sale is generated through the website the purchaser’s name and email address will be captured and added to The Inevitable You® list. Capturing the name for the list must meet compliance requirements such that The Inevitable You® can distribute information to the customer following their purchase on the website.

Lead Capture & Traffic:

The website will have opt in forms to capture name and email in exchange for giving away 3 free videos. Following the opt in an auto responder campaign will be sent to the person who completed the form. The auto responder will be distributed via AWeber. The Inevitable You® has an account established with AWeber.
Traffic will be driven to the website from online and offline sources.

Flexibility to change the website:

The new website must have the flexibility and platform to meet the needs of a rapidly growing, dynamic company. The new website must provide the ability for changes to be made by The Inevitable You® staff after the initial development of the website is complete. Some examples of the changes include the ability to:
 add, remove and change products and promotions quickly
 change dates and time of seminars
 rearrange the order of drop down menus
 change the levels of access for customers of the members only website
 add additional content in various media including podcast, video, audio, etc
Note: This list is not all inclusive it only represents a sampling of the types of changes.

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