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Agenda for Tuesday, 12 April 2016


0700-0730:  Introductions &Assistance

Tell us a bit about yourself and any networking needs.  We can help with referrals, advice, job search assistance, and other business discussion. 

0730-0800:  Speaker

Robert R. Roehrich, Ph.D., will speak with us this week on leadership coaching.  Dr. Roehrich is an executive coach and principal consultant with Roehrich & Associates, LLC.  See below for his professional bio.

Thanks to Lynn Ellen Vergis (USAFA '82) for arranging to have Dr. Roehrich speak with us this week.

Professional Bio of Robert R. Roehrich, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

Robert’s value to his executive clients comes from a solid foundation in related training and over 25 years of firsthand experience at senior and C-levels within corporations and non-profit organizations. His years of coaching and unique ability to understand the challenges facing senior leaders in increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global environments translates into outcomes and value expected by senior leaders and their organizations. Robert’s depth of coaching experience is further supplemented by years of active board service and influence in both advisory and governing capacities putting him in touch with the demands of board members and key stakeholders, manifesting in leadership insights to enhance his client’s strategic and tactical effectiveness.


Seizing opportunities to develop a diverse skill portfolio after serving in the U.S. Air Force, Robert has held positions in logistics, commercial banking, university research and teaching, proprietary higher education management, consulting, and coaching. As an experienced senior executive with a record of proven leadership accomplishments in public and private companies, he is skilled in strategic influencing, operational execution, project and team leadership, managing in complex matrix, regional and international environments, and maintaining board relations. In addition, Robert has provided leadership in private foundations and serves as a volunteer in community-based leadership development programs. Dr. Roehrich’s client base is as broad as his experience, he has coached domestic and global leaders in: technology, manufacturing, financial services, government agencies, military, legal professions, marketing, communications, petrochemicals, geological exploration, satellite mapping, university administration, engineering, hospitality, agriculture, analytics, healthcare, technical training, environmental health and safety, unions, human resources, and international development.   

Coaching Approach
Dr. Roehrich integrates practical experiences gained from leadership roles in business, education, consulting and coaching with interpersonal skills. He focuses on creating relationships with his clients in support of achieving their development goals. Through an emphasis on understanding assessments, organizational environments, personality traits and job challenges, he emphasizes enhancing the leadership attributes of senior executives by concentrating on strengthening the leader’s strategic thinking, acting and influencing skills through specific action goals.   


12 APR (this week):  Dr. Robert Roehrich - see above.

19 APR:  Joe Gregory will speak on his topic titled "Sales for Those Who Don't Think They're in Sales."  Mr. Gregory is a sales coach who helps to improve this vital skill for anyone in personal or corporate sales, and also, as his topic suggests, for those who don't think they're in sales.

26 APR:  Dr. George Reed will give a talk titled "Toxic Leadership."  Dr. Reed is Dean, School of Public Affairs, at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).  Much of his professional focus and published works have centered on leadership topics, which will be the focus of his presentation with us.

3 MAY:  Chris Felton will speak with us about personal finance.  He is a Personal Finance Coach and speaker on that topic.  Mr. Felton is the co-author of two books, including "Couples Money" (written with his wife, Marlow Felton) and Joe Vitale's "The Prosperity Factor". 

If there's a speaker you'd like to invite for a future Tuesday, just let me know at

Remember that you can be the speaker yourself.   Got an interesting topic or a problem you'd like to put to the group?  Or maybe you've gained new insight from a business book or a conference.  Those are just a few examples of great topics on which to lead a discussion.


Have a great week.

Joe Paniccia (USMA '84)
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