Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Veterans Career Expo 2011

We are "Mobilizing" Service Academy Grads to seek their company's support for the BE A HERO, HIRE A HERO Veterans Career Expo 2011 being conducted in New York City by Hire Disability Solutions, Academy Recruiters LLC, Veterans Across America, the New York Times and several Wounded Warrior support organizations in May and November. Each Expo is open to all Veterans and Active Duty personnel with specific attention given to our Wounded Warriors. Conducted a few years ago, this program was attended by 7,000 Veterans and 122 Companies and resulted in the placement of over 500 veterans. Attached is our ad for the Veteran Expo.
Veterans attending the Expos will include the following:

+  West Point, Annapolis and Air Force Academy Graduates
+  Active Duty Junior / Senior Officers and Non-Commissioned officers
+  Technical &Non-Technical Enlisted Personnel
+  Wounded Warriors
+  Military Veterans
A Resume Database of all Veterans attending the Expo will be available to companies both during and after the program.

The dates for the two Expos:
Tuesday, May 24 - New Yorker Hoteland Monday, November 7th - Intrepid Sea &Space Museum

To Register:
Companies &Vendors: Email / call Ken Williams, USMA '69 at KenWilliams@Academy-Associates.com / (203) 798-6029
Candidates:  Log on to www.hireds.com and click on the Expo icon to register and upload your resume.

The Problem We Need to Solve

Today's soldier has great difficulty in finding civilian employment, especially those that have been wounded in combat and are physically challenged. Unfortunately, the government has been of little assistance in helping our combat veterans to find career opportunities. Additionally, many of today's company Executives, Managers and Human Resources professionals have little, if any, experience hiring military personnel and will routinely exclude military personnel from employment consideration.

The Objective of these Expos is not only to bring together companies and military service members, but also to provide companies the opportunity to better understand the true value of these individuals as future employees. As part of this program, a percentage of the proceeds will be given to Veteran / Wounded Warrior support organizations. It's now our turn to give back!

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Next Steps: Please forward this email to anyone that may be interested in reviewing this information. If your company is interested in supporting and/or participating in these events, I would appreciate a contact person who we can call once our plans have been finalized.

"Kick-Off" Breakfast is scheduled for April 6 at the New York Time Building for Companies interested in participating in our Expo programs.  The address is 620 - 8th Avenue, 15th floor, NYC from 8:00-10:00 AM.

Please email / call me at KenWilliams@Academy-Associates.com  / (203) 798-6029 for additional information.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Ken Williams, LT. Colonel, USA, Ret
West Point Class of 1969
Email: KenWilliams@Academy-Associates.com
Phone: (203) 798-6029

Web Site: www.AcademyRecruiters.com

About Academy Recruiters LLC
Established by West Point Graduates in 1977 to assist Vietnam Veterans leaving the military, our firm today provides Program / Project Management Staffing and Executive Search services. We specialize in finding C-Level Executives, Managers and Technical Engineering “Leaders” (Grads &Non-Grads) for our corporate clients.

Our industry focus currently includes Defense, Consulting, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Medical, Financial and High-Tech. We have 10 professional Recruiters on staff and a network of over 100 specialty recruiting firms.

Our typical searches are listed below;

+    Presidents / Vice Presidents / Directors / Board Members & Executive Coaches
+  Partners / Principals / Senior Consultants
+    Business Developers / Capture Managers / Technical Sales
+    Program / Project Managers
+    Acquisitions / Purchasing / Contract Specialists
+    Financial Professionals
+    Contract Project Managers (Short-Term)
+    Technical / System Engineers (EE, ME, IE, Civil, Nuke, Aero)
+    Operation Managers
+    Junior / Senior Military Officers / Non-Commissioned Officers
+    Wounded Warriors (Combat Veterans)

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